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JABA Scholarships

The Japanese American Bar Association Educational Foundation (JEF) was created in 2006 to facilitate the awarding of scholarships to deserving law students and/or recent law school graduates.

Awards are given in honor of Justice John F. Aiso, Justice Stephen K. Tamura, and Judge Edward Y. Kakita, highly distinguished and pioneering Asian American judges. Awards are also given in honor of Mr. M. Dick Osumi, a prominent civil rights and labor attorney, and through the LimNexus Foundation.


Applications for the 2017-18 scholarships are being accepted until January 6, 2018.

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Justice John F. Aiso Scholarship. Justice Aiso served as the chief instructor of what became the Military Intelligence Service Language School. In 1953, he became the first Japanese American California state judge when Governor Earl Warren appointed him to the municipal court. He was later appointed to the Second Appellate District in 1968.

Justice Stephen K. Tamura Scholarship. Justice Tamura was interned in Poston with his family and later served in the all-Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team. In 1961, Governor Pat Brown appointed him to the Orange County Superior Court and later elevated him to the Fourth Appellate District. Justice Tamura was the first Asian American to sit on the California Court of Appeal. He also served as Justice Pro Tem on the California Supreme Court.

Judge Edward Y. Kakita Memorial Scholarship. In 2006, JEF created the Judge Edward Y. Kakita Scholarship in memory of Judge Kakita (1940-2005). Judge Kakita was interned with his family at Poston, Arizona during World War II. A founding member of the Japanese American Bar Association, Judge Kakita presided as JABA’s first President in 1976. Governor Jerry Brown appointed him to the Superior Court in 1980.

Judge Kakita is widely recognized for being a major, if not the major force behind the successful formation of JABA.

M. Dick Osumi Civil Rights and Public Interest Scholarship. Mr. Osumi was a prominent civil rights and labor attorney who served as JABA President in 1992. He was one of the founding members of JABA’s Community Education Committee, and one of the founders of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center. This scholarship is intended for those law students interested in practicing in the areas of civil rights, public interest law, and/or public policy.

LimNexus Foundation Scholarship.
The LimNexus Foundation Scholarship was established in 2007 with generous funding provided by the LimNexus Foundation. LimNexus Foundation, the private charity arm of the law firm of LimNexus, LLP, works through bar associations to grant scholarships to minority law students in the pursuit of a more just and equitable society. LimNexus, LLP, founded in 1986, is nationally recognized as a leading minority-owned law firm based in Los Angeles, California.

JABA Educational Foundation (JEF) Board of Directors

1. Raymond W. Sakai. President and Director.
2. [vacant]. Vice President and Director.
3. Allyson T. Sakai. Secretary and Director.
4. Bert Y. Kawahara. Treasurer and Director.
5. Alex H. Fukui. Director.
6. Katherine M. Hikida. Director.
7. Karyn Ihara. Director.
8. Bruce L. Ishimatsu. Director.
9. Colin Kawaguchi. Director.
10. Robert M. Kawahara. Director.
11. [vacant]. Director.
12. Yuriko Mary Shikai. Director.
13. Diane M.L. Tan. Director.
14. Kira Teshima. Director.
15. Lynn A. Whitcher. Director.
16. Dennis T. Yokoyama. Director.
17. Kira Teshima. Ex-officio Director.
18. Sabina Helton. Ex-officio Director.
19. Douglas Sugimoto. Ex-officio Director.