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Mentorship Program

Welcome to the JABA Mentorship Program!

This program is designed to bridge the gap between aspiring young lawyers with veterans of the legal world. Anyone and everyone—from law students to retired judges—can participate in the program, the success of which depends on your participation. JABA’s entire Board of Directors have signed on to be participate in the Program. How and why should you?

  1. First, scroll down below and sign up to be a mentor or mentee or both. Based on the information we gather from the application, the Mentorship Committee will pair up mentors and mentees in “Families” consisting of 3 to 6 participants, depending on the number of applications we receive (the more the better). We will consider areas of interest, geographic location, and specific preferences (e.g. male or female mentor,  law firm or in-house counsel).

  2. Second, on a date and location to be determined, JABA will host a fun and social launch event inviting all participants to meet their Family Members. During the event, the Families will be asked to come up with a creative event as a first outing, which JABA will subsidize. Families will be encouraged to stay in contact throughout the year by setting up more social outings that can be shared on social media (e.g. Instagram). There will be a Family of the Year competition that will award special prizes to the most active and creative Families.

  3. Third, everyone can benefit from the Program. Law students can meet practicing attorneys who can provide valuable career guidance and expand their nascent networks. Young lawyers can meet more experienced attorneys who can provide tips on navigating law firm politics, litigation or drafting techniques and strategies, developing a book of business, and promotion to higher ranks. Senior lawyers can find new social opportunities (e.g. finding a new golf or tennis mate), give back to the community by sharing their pearls of wisdom and war stories, and strengthen or re-kindle existing bonds.


Because the focus of the Program is to facilitate genuine, organic, long term relationships, JABA discourages solicitations, pitching, and marketing during Family events. We believe that professional opportunities will inevitably arise through familiarity, trust, and time. With that said, we appreciate the time you invest in the Program and look forward to an exciting year.

Thank you.

If you would like to be a mentor, fill out this form: Attorney Mentorship Application

If you would like to be a mentee, please fill out this form: Law Student Mentorship Application


Looking for an Attorney?

The JABA Attorneys List includes members who volunteer to be on the list for public distribution.

Judicial Candidate Mentoring Program

If you are interested in becoming a judge or commissioner, or if you are a judicial officer interested in mentoring, please contact Judicial Appointments Committee Chair Mike Madokoro at (310) 380-6519. You must be a JABA member to participate.

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